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Narayani Agarbatti Company is a renowned name in the world of incense sticks. With a rich heritage rooted in crafting high-quality incense products, Narayani Agarbatti has earned a reputation for excellence and authenticity.

Our commitment to using natural ingredients and traditional methods sets us apart. We take pride in creating a wide range of incense sticks, each carefully formulated to deliver a unique sensory experience. Our offerings cater to diverse preferences, from soothing floral scents to exotic and earthy aromas.

Narayani Agarbatti is more than just a manufacturer; we are a purveyor of peace and spiritual connection. Our incense products are designed to enhance meditation, relaxation, and create sacred spaces that invite mindfulness and inner harmony.

We understand the significance of incense in various cultural and spiritual practices, which is why we strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Our commitment to sustainable practices ensures that every stick is not only a sensory delight but also an eco-conscious choice.

At Narayani Agarbatti, we invite you to explore the world of fragrances, mindfulness, and serenity. Our incense sticks are a gateway to a world of aromatic wonders, where tradition meets modern-day well-being. Experience the essence of tranquility with Narayani Agarbatti.

our address

Reg office: No 86, Kuntlu Reddy layout,

SLN Road, Jigani Industrial Area,

Branch office: ward no-6, Tola-Bhagwanpur

Town/vill- Mahanth Maniyari

Muzaffarpur- 843147

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